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Cloud and Containers [clear filter]
Friday, January 25

9:30am CET

Replacing Docker with Podman
We have introduced the command line tool podman which can be used to replace the Docker Daemon in most use cases. This talk will demonstrate how you would replace Docker with podman and actually demonstrate podman doing these features. It will also demonstrate additional new features like management of pods, and better security features we have added to podman.

avatar for Dan Walsh

Dan Walsh

Senior Distinguished Engineer, Red Hat, Inc.
Daniel Walsh has worked in the computer security field for over 30 years.Dan is a Consulting Engineer at Red Hat. He joined Red Hat in August 2001.Dan leads the Red Hat Container Engineering team since August 2013, but hasbeen working on container tec

Friday January 25, 2019 9:30am - 10:20am CET

10:30am CET

Writing kube controllers for everyone
With the introduction of Custom Resource Definition, as well as external API servers
everyone is now able to create its own resources and store them inside kubernetes
cluster. But that is only half of the work that needs to be done. During this
presentation Maciej, who co-authored both Job and CronJob controllers, and is
a frequent reviewer of controller and apiserver-related code will guide you
through basic set of steps that are necessary to write a simple controller.
As an example he will discuss his recent work around improving CronJob controller,
as well as introduce the 11 rules that needs to be fulfilled when writing
a good controller.

avatar for Maciej Szulik

Maciej Szulik

Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Maciej is a passionate developer with almost 2 decades of experience in many languages. Currently he's working on OpenShift and Kubernetes for Red Hat. Whereas at night he is hacking on side projects with python. In his spare time he enjoys reading a good book or taking photos.

Friday January 25, 2019 10:30am - 10:55am CET

11:00am CET

Anti-patterns for Kubernetes Operators
Operators are a Kubernetes native way to install, upgrade, and maintain applications running on the platform. The concept of an operator seems simple: write some code that runs separately and takes care of my application for me. But when the OpenShift engineering team transformed our product to operate all of our infrastructure applications, the “what not to do’s” surfaced. We’ll walk through some of the biggest lessons the team learned during the development of these 40+ operators that will manage OpenShift Container Platform in the future.

avatar for Jessica Forrester

Jessica Forrester

Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Jessica is a senior technical leader within the OpenShift Container Platform group at Red Hat. She is focused on the developer and administrative experiences being built around Kubernetes, including platform observability. She has been a software engineer for over 10 years, with 5... Read More →

Friday January 25, 2019 11:00am - 11:25am CET

11:30am CET

Ansible and buildah will rock your containers
Ansible is so awesome, that you can use it to perform so many different tasks. In our case, it would be building a container image. We will create an Ansible playbook and utilize buildah to do that. Buildah is a simple tool which creates container images — no daemons will be involved: only Ansible, buildah and runc. Interested? Come and learn more about a different way to create container images.

Expected audience is DevOps engineers who deploy containerized applications to production. I expect that Ansible users will be interested in this.

Nowadays most of the industry is using dockerfiles to create container images. This presentation provides an alternative to this solution when users can use the tools they already know and use, Ansible, to create container images.

Slides: https://tomastomecek.github.io/speaks/2019-devconf-ansible-buildah-will-rock-your-containers/

avatar for Tomas Tomecek

Tomas Tomecek

Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
packit, containers, automation, and having all the fun

Friday January 25, 2019 11:30am - 11:55am CET

12:00pm CET

Rootless containers
In this talk we will discuss how to build and run containers without root privileges. As part of the discussion, we will introduce new programs like fuse-overlayfs and slirp4netns and explain how it is possible to do this using user namespaces. fuse-overlayfs allows to use the same storage model as "root" containers and use layered images. slirp4netns emulates a TCP/IP stack in userland and allows to use a network namespace from a container and let it access the outside world (with some limitations).

We will also introduce Usernetes, and how to run Kubernetes in an unprivileged user namespace

avatar for Giuseppe Scrivano

Giuseppe Scrivano

Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Working on containers, specifically on tools like Podman, Buildah, CRI-O.
avatar for Akihiro Suda

Akihiro Suda

Software Engineer, NTT Corporation
Akihiro Suda is a software engineer at NTT Corporation, a Japan-based telecommunication company. He has been a maintainer of several opensource container software such as Moby, BuildKit, containerd, runc, and Lima. He has previously talked at several FLOSS conferences such as KubeCon... Read More →

Friday January 25, 2019 12:00pm - 12:50pm CET

2:00pm CET

KubeVirt building blocks
Kubernetes gives you the building blocks from which you can build almost everything. This is talk explains the building blocks used by KubeVirt to provide the functionality of running virtual machine workloads in the Kubernetes cluster. It might sound complex but, it is not. After this talk you will have the basic knowledge of Kubernetes extendibility you can use in your own projects.


Friday January 25, 2019 2:00pm - 2:50pm CET

2:00pm CET

OpenShift 4.0 & Operators
In this talk you are going to learn how OpenShift 4.0 leverages the operator pattern through the whole platform. We shall dive deep into the installation process and as well we are going to discuss all the interesting runtime aspects. In this talk you are going to learn how operators helped OpenShift to become more lean and flexible and why this pattern is something you may want to add into your toolbelt.

avatar for Michal Fojtik

Michal Fojtik

Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
One of the core contributors to the Openshift project. I often give talks about the importance of open-source solutions in cloud computing. I'm 30y old and work as a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat in Brno, Czech republic. I do a lot of Go programming and I contribute to many... Read More →

Friday January 25, 2019 2:00pm - 2:50pm CET

3:00pm CET

Container Security: So Many Options, Use Them All!
Linux Containers have become a new standard in the rapidly changing software industry. The convenience in packaging and runtime isolation that containers provide have security consequences that are often overlooked. Join us to gain an understanding of the challenges and best practices associated with developing and deploying containers in a secure manner using Open Source container technologies such as cri-o, buildah, podman, and skopeo.

avatar for Matt Heon

Matt Heon

Red Hat
Software Engineer on Red Hat's container team
avatar for Sally O’Malley

Sally O’Malley

Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat
Sally Ann O'Malley is a software engineer at Red Hat.  She has worked on various teams within OpenShift over the past 6 years. Currently, she is with the Emerging Technologies group within Red Hat.

Friday January 25, 2019 3:00pm - 3:50pm CET

4:00pm CET

CI for OpenShift: Prow, ci-operator and the future
A lot was going on in the world of CI for OpenShift last year. The transition from Jenkins to Prow to accommodate the distributed and high-cadence development is pretty much done. The `ci-operator` tool brought component developers an ability to declaratively describe their tests and how their component fits into the distribution. We have tooling to generate a set of Prow jobs to execute all available tests for a component before or after merges, from unit tests to end-to-end tests performed over ephemeral clusters. My talk will describe current CI landscape for OpenShift and walk through the individual parts, pointing out what value do they offer to development teams. I will also talk about our plans for the future.

avatar for Petr Muller

Petr Muller

Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
I am a member of the Test Platform team of the OpenShift organization in Red Hat. We develop, maintain and operate CI/CD and development process automation tools and services for OpenShift.

Friday January 25, 2019 4:00pm - 4:50pm CET

5:00pm CET

Single Page Apps on OpenShift using Chained Builds
When you’re developing single page apps using frameworks like React or Vue, there’s typically a build step involved. This build step can include multiple tasks like transpilation, minification, etc. and produces static HTML, JavaScript, and CSS as output. These build processes require Node.js to run. For production deployment, however, these apps will typically use NGINX or Apache HTTP server to serve those static files.

In this short workshop, you’ll learn how chained builds and the source-to-image web app builder make it easy to build and deploy your single page web apps on OpenShift. Bring your laptop!

avatar for Jan Kleinert

Jan Kleinert

Manager, OpenShift Developer Advocates, Red Hat
Jan Kleinert leads the OpenShift Developer Advocate team at Red Hat, where she focuses on OpenShift and the developer experience for developers working with containers and Kubernetes. Prior to joining Red Hat, she worked in a variety of roles ranging from developer relations to web... Read More →

Friday January 25, 2019 5:00pm - 5:50pm CET
Saturday, January 26

9:00am CET

Colin and Zdravomil, the linting heroes
Colin is a linter for container images and Dockerfiles. In this talk we would like to show you how you can check your images and Dockerfiles whether they pass basic rules. We certainly won’t stop there, we’ll also teach you how you can easily write your own checks.

You will also meet Zdravomil, our bot built on top of Colin. It can check your Dockerfiles in git repositories and send results through emails or pull request flags. See how easy it is to integrate Colin in your setup.

avatar for Dominika Hodovska

Dominika Hodovska

RH - Brno - Tech Park Brno - C

Saturday January 26, 2019 9:00am - 9:25am CET

9:30am CET

Monitoring Elasticsearch in OpenShift
OCP 4.0 will bring improved monitoring and alerting capabilities for individual OpenShift components utilizing Prometheus and Grafana. This talk introduces new built-in monitoring, alerting and dashboarding for Elasticsearch cluster running in openshift-logging component. We will discuss what are the most critical metrics to watch for logging use case and what are the main scalability challenges of the data and security models.

avatar for Lukáš Vlček

Lukáš Vlček

Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat
Elasticsearch, Prometheus, Grafana, OpenShift- https://github.com/lukas-vlcek- Twitter: @lukasvlcek

Saturday January 26, 2019 9:30am - 9:55am CET

10:00am CET

Red Hat & Microsoft “Openshift on Azure” deep dive
Last summit Red Hat and Microsoft announced “Openshift on Azure”, a managed service on Azure. This talk will be a deep dive session on this product, its development and the collaboration with Microsoft. We will cover how “Openshift on Azure” is different from any other Red Hat managed service offering. Its high level architecture (r)evolution and current state, how it integrates with Microsoft Azure cloud stack and, at the same time, how it is different from Microsoft’s managed Kubernetes offering - AKS. We will have a small peek ‘under the hood’ on how we operate this service and the problems and challenges we have to solve to deliver the Private Preview and GA milestones.

avatar for Michalis Kargakis

Michalis Kargakis

Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat
I have been working for some time on OpenShift of Azure (OSA). Before that I did a bunch of work on the OpenShift CI infrastructure, Openshift Origin, and Kubernetes. Container orchestration and all that. I am also following blockchains and cryptocurrencies. No short or long positions... Read More →

osa pdf

Saturday January 26, 2019 10:00am - 10:50am CET

11:00am CET

Ironic and Edgy
The ongoing 4th Industrial Revolution fuels Edge computing technologies. Infrastructure projects, like OpenStack and container platforms, move away from the centralized architecture stretching the cloud up to the logical extremes of the network.
In this talk we will explain the latest advancements in the OpenStack bare metal provisioning service (Ironic) including federated architecture and self-provisioning capabilities positioning Ironic as a featureful tool for the Edge use-case.
Alongside the computer industry, Ironic is adopting the Redfish hardware management protocol. In the Edge context, the Redfish features become instrumental in ensuring secure, reliable and scalable server deployment. We will reveal the upcoming Redfish features that we anticipate will land in the next release.

avatar for Ilya Etingof

Ilya Etingof

Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat
OpenStack engineer focusing primarily on the hardware provisioning.
avatar for Dmitry Tantsur

Dmitry Tantsur

Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
OpenStack Ironic and Metal3 developer

Saturday January 26, 2019 11:00am - 11:50am CET

12:00pm CET

CSI in Kubernetes
Kubernetes wants to move all its storage plugins to CSI. Come to this talk if you're interested what it means to Kubernetes cluster administrators, users and developers. You'll get understanding how different Kubernetes components talk to CSI driver, where to look when something breaks and how to easily maintain a CSI driver in a cluster.

avatar for Jan Šafránek

Jan Šafránek

Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Jan is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat working on storage aspects of Kubernetes. He started developing Kubernetes more than 4 years ago, and is one of the founding members of SIG-Storage. He’s the author of PersistentVolume controller, dynamic provisioning and StorageClass... Read More →

Saturday January 26, 2019 12:00pm - 12:50pm CET

1:30pm CET

Containers without Daemons - Podman Internals
Podman is a daemonless container engine from Red Hat that provides a Docker-compatible command line interface for running OCI containers with and without root privileges. This talk will provide a high-level overview of its architecture. Focus will be placed on the design goals of Podman, and how they drove the evolution of the project. The unique complexities of running containers without a daemon will be examined and discussed. You will gain an understanding of the internal workings of Podman, its benefits and limitations, and the decisions and tradeoffs that led to its current design. This talk will also enable attendees to start adding new features and functionalities to Podman.

avatar for Matt Heon

Matt Heon

Red Hat
Software Engineer on Red Hat's container team

Saturday January 26, 2019 1:30pm - 2:20pm CET

3:30pm CET

How OpenShift Builds Container Images
We wanted to be able to run OpenShift using any CRI runtime. While upstream Kubernetes has been able to do this for a while, one of OpenShift's distinguishing features - building container images when the source code for an application is updated - had been built around running containers which could call a docker engine API to build images. That API that has no direct counterpart in CRI.

We'll take a quick look at how OpenShift runs a set of containers to build a new container image using updated sources, and to push that image to a registry. We'll look at how we modified the builder containers to do their work without bothering the container engine that was being used to run them, and some of the unexpected problems that we found we had to solve along the way.

avatar for Nalin Dahyabhai

Nalin Dahyabhai

OpenShift, Red Hat, Inc.
Software developer at Red Hat

Saturday January 26, 2019 3:30pm - 3:55pm CET

4:00pm CET

Insiders info from the Masters of Clouds
The presentation will be about how to make your life easier with tools natively designed for maintaintenance and auto-heal of multiple clusters based on OpenShift/Kubernetes.

avatar for Jindrich Novy

Jindrich Novy

Sr. Software Engineer / OpenShift SRE lead - EMEA, Red Hat
Red Hat veteran. Developer by heart, keeping clouds not breaking at the moment.

Saturday January 26, 2019 4:00pm - 4:25pm CET

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