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Sunday, January 27

9:00am CET

What's up in Linux-Kernel land
This talk gives an overview of recent and current developments in the Linux kernel; it will discuss what major changes the latest kernel versions brought, what the next version will bring, and what the Linux developers are working on for future releases. In that scope the presentation will also discuss changes in software close to the kernel; that for example includes Mesa, as its 3D drivers and work hand in hand with the graphics drivers in the Linux kernel.

avatar for Thorsten Leemhuis

Thorsten Leemhuis

Freelancer, Freelancer
Thorsten is the Linux kernel's regression tracker. He also wrote the texts on reporting bugs and handling regressions found in the kernel's documentation. In Fedora-land Thorsten is known for his many contribution to the project and related areas during the Fedora's first century... Read More →

Sunday January 27, 2019 9:00am - 9:50am CET

12:00pm CET

Linux Kernel Control Group v2
Control group (cgroup) and namespace are the two major features in the Linux kernel that make containers possible. The original cgroup v1 allows different process hierarchies for different controllers. That makes it hard for different controllers to coordinate their effort together. The new cgroup v2, on the other hand, forces all the controllers to operate under a unified process hierarchy. This makes it possible to provide features that are not possible under cgroup v1.

This presentation focus on what cgroup v2 can bring to the table, the difference between cgroup v1 and v2 and their pros and cons.

avatar for Waiman Long

Waiman Long

Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Principal Software EngineerWaiman Long is an experienced kernel software engineer at Red Hat, Inc. His major focus areas are kernel synchronization primitives, performance and scalability, and cgroup in the upstream Linux kernel as well as the Red Hat Enterprise Linux kernel.

Sunday January 27, 2019 12:00pm - 12:50pm CET

1:00pm CET

Performance tuning of Red Hat Enterprise Linux
This session will cover the performance analysis and tuning of Red Hat Enterprise Linux(RHEL). The session will be split into 4 sections: 1.) Hardware and kernel configuration of systems running RHEL, 2.) Performance analysis of the system. 3.) Tools used to evaluate system performance and help tune the kernel for optimal performance. 4.) The actual techniques used to tune systems
RHEL with several real-word examples. The first section will cover typical hardware features of large systems and discuss the best configuration. The second section will illustrate how to determine how well a system is performing and if it can be improved. The third section will explore a variety of tools used to study system performance. The forth section will illustrate performance tuning techniques

avatar for Larry Woodman

Larry Woodman

Larry Woodman is a senior consulting engineer at Red Hat., Red Hat
Larry Woodman is a senior consulting engineer in the RHEL kernel engineering organization. He contributes to the upstream kernel a well as the RHEL kernels. Over the past 15 years that Larry has worked in the RHEL kernel engineering group he has fixed o

Sunday January 27, 2019 1:00pm - 1:50pm CET

2:00pm CET

Monsters, Ghosts, and Bugs: How to choose a kernel
Most users and developers don’t think too closely about what kernel is running, yet the kernel is a vital piece of software. There’s many choices of what kernel to run, from a well tested enterprise kernel to forward looking community distributions to running your own compiled version. Each of these options has a use case and the choice of kernel can have a big impact on your system. So how do you choose? The focus of this talk is the many ways a kernel can be maintained and what it means for consumers of that kernel. Emphasis will be given to the trade offs of features vs. security vs. ease of management and mistakes you can make when maintaining a kernel.

avatar for Laura Abbott

Laura Abbott

Fedora Kernel Engineer, Red Hat
Laura is currently employed Red Hat as a Fedora Kernel Engineer. She thinks kernels are really cool, even when they crash. Her day-to-day work involves bug fixes, tending the Fedora kernel releases, and other development work for the benefit of Fedora.

Sunday January 27, 2019 2:00pm - 2:50pm CET

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