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Friday, January 25

11:00am CET

Thoth - how to recommend the best possible packages for your application
Having libraries in your Python project properly locked to a specific version is a well known best practice. Dependency management tools in the Python ecosystem lock dependencies to the latest version available, but what if the latest version available is not the best fit for your application? Open source project Thoth is an advanced Python dependency resolver which recommends libraries for your project based on observations that are gathered for Python libraries in specific runtime environments. How these recommendations look like? How are different observations like performance characteristics of machine learning libraries for a particular hardware gathered?

avatar for Christoph Görn

Christoph Görn

Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

Friday January 25, 2019 11:00am - 11:50am CET
R211 - Students Club
Sunday, January 27

9:30am CET

Using Machine Learning to find Linux bugs
I’d like to show you how to find bugs in Linux systems using machine learning, when paired with the totally seemingly useless and annoying false positives that come out of your integration tests.

We’ve all been frustrated unreproducible bugs in Linux … And also by stupid test-flakes that show up as failures in integration tests even though nothing related has changed. I want to prove that both of these are the same thing.

Lets take a look at how the Cockpit project trains bots to correlate these flakes into unsupervised clusters. and automatically make use of the data, identifying real bugs, or simply retriggering tests.

We’ll dive into details about Normalized Compression Distance, Unsupervised Clustering, TF-IDF and many other simple techniques used to zero in on the bugs.

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Stef Walter

Hacker, manager, and CI freak., Red Hat
Stef is an avid open source hacker. He's contributed to over a hundred open source projects, and can be found preaching about continuous integration and working on the Cockpit Linux admin interface. He's a usability freak. Stef lives in Germany, and works at Red Hat.

Sunday January 27, 2019 9:30am - 10:20am CET

10:30am CET

AIOps: Anomaly detection with Prometheus
As IT operations become more agile and complex, at the same time the need to enhance operational efficiency and intelligence grows. Monitoring applications and kubernetes clusters with Prometheus has become quite common. Yet identifying relevant metrics and thresholds for your setup is getting harder.

In this talk, Marcel will show the tooling used to collect and store metrics gathered by Prometheus for the long term. Then analyze those on a large scale using Spark. This includes extracting trends and seasonality but also forecasting of expected values for a given metric. Finally, he will integrate the predicted metrics back into the Prometheus monitoring and alerting stack to enable dynamic thresholding and anomaly detection.

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Marcel Hild

Señor Manager, Red Hat
Marcel Hild has 25+ years of experience in open source development and the IT industry. He co-founded a Linux consulting company, worked as a freelance developer, a Solution Architect for Red Hat, and a core Developer for ManageIQ, a Hybrid Cloud Management tool. Now he researches... Read More →

Sunday January 27, 2019 10:30am - 11:20am CET

12:30pm CET

Kubeflow: ML on OpenShift
Kubeflow is an open source project that has quickly emerged as the de-facto machine learning toolkit for Kubernetes. Kubeflow aims to provide stability, composability, and portability for machine learning by leveraging Kubernetes and other ecosystem projects to implement the infrastructure required to deliver a comprehensive ML platform for data scientists and DevOps engineers alike. This talk will explore the origins of the project, its core architecture, and integration with complementary projects such as JupyterHub, Pachyderm, and SeldonIO. We will examine the user experience, from deployment to notebooks. The presentation will also discuss its relevance to OpenShift and how the emerging popularity of the Operator SDK can expand the capabilities of Kubeflow.

avatar for Peter MacKinnon

Peter MacKinnon

Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat Inc.
Pete MacKinnon is a Principal Software Engineer in the AI Center of Excellence at Red Hat. He is actively involved in the Kubeflow and Open Data Hub open source projects. He works closely with Red Hat customers and partners to successfully bring their machine learning and analytics... Read More →

Sunday January 27, 2019 12:30pm - 1:20pm CET